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The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP): Final Hurricane Sandy Disaster Supplemental Allocations, and Administrative Requirements

Through the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act 2013 (PL 113-2), states affected by Hurricane Sandy are provided with $5.7 million in supplemental funding for TEFAP. The assistance was initially offered to 12 states and the District of Columbia that were directly affected by Hurricane Sandy, based on major disasters declarations and eligibility for individual assistance by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In total, nine states accepted at least some supplemental assistance funding that was not accepted by certain states was reallocated proportionately to the remaining states. The attached worksheet shows the amounts that each state will receive as USDA Foods and administrative funds.

A separate catalog will be opened in Web-Based Supply Chain Management (WBSCM) to allow states to place food orders. Food ordering details to include products, delivery timeframes, and order-by date(s) will be forthcoming in an email from Household Operations Branch. All orders must be placed while this catalog is open; there will be no additional opportunities to use these food funds. State agencies may run an Order Status Report to track the value of orders placed for the supplemental funds.

States that chose to accept TEFAP supplemental assistance as administrative funds should be reminded that all funds must be obligated by Sept. 30, 2013. In addition, the 40 percent pass-through requirement for TEFAP administrative funding as well as the state matching requirement for any funds not passed down to emergency feeding organizations apply to this funding, consistent with the guidance provided in the Feb. 28, 2013, memorandum. The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP): Allocation of Disaster Supplemental Appropriations.

Finally, administrative funds must be tracked separately from the funds received under the normal appropriations process. TEFAP states that chose to accept administrative funds must submit a quarterly FNS-667, Report of The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) Administrative Costs, through the Food Programs Reporting System (FPRS). States must submit this report quarterly until all administrative funds are expended. A new program will be available in FPRS for reporting TEFAP supplemental funds (TEFAP - Supplemental Funding) and should be available as early as July 1. 2013 or shortly thereafter. States' first report must represent the third quarter of fiscal Year 2013, April I, 2013, through June 30, 2013. FNS will submit blank reports on behalf of states for the first and second quarters, prior to the state reporting. In the Remarks section of this report, states must indicate that such funds were made available as a part of the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Supplemental Appropriation.

Page updated: January 03, 2023