SNAP-authorized Market and Organization Responsibilities

Last Published: 06/09/2016

ResponsibilitiesImage of produce

  • Become licensed to accept SNAP benefits by FNS (i.e., become a SNAP-authorized retailer.)
  • Design and purchase tokens or print paper scrip. The scrip must be hard to counterfeit. For paper scrip, non-photocopy-able paper is required. Placing sequential serial numbers on all scrip is strongly advised.
  • Train farmers in scrip redemption rules and procedures. (The market's ability to accept SNAP benefits could be jeopardized if a farmer commits a SNAP violation while operating under the market's FNS license.)
  • Develop an accounting system and method for reimbursing vendors.
  • Determine a secure place where the POS equipment, tokens, and supplies will be stored when not in use and who will be responsible for proper storage.

Training Information

Store owners, farmers markets, farmers, and employees must read the SNAP Retailer Training Guide and watch the instructional video in their approval package to ensure compliance with rules and regulations. Remember that all Responsible Officials, organization or government entities, authorized to accept SNAP, are accountable for the actions of all employees. 

Eligible Food Items