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SNAP - Other Waivers

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Adjust Adverse Action Requirements

FNS will not allow states to adjust adverse action requirements. States would have been allowed to suspend termination of cases and/or reducing benefit levels when cases should have been terminated or benefits reduced.

Community Partner Signature

FNS will not allow the state to adjust the signature requirements to allow community partners to sign and submit SNAP applications without a signature from an applicant or authorized representative in order to establish a filing date for SNAP.

  • Denied: WI
Excessive Card Replacement

FNS will allow states to temporarily suspend issuance of replacement card notices due to office closures and mandated remote work. At the conclusion of this waiver period, the state agency will send the delayed notices to affected households.

Extend Administrative Disqualification Hearings (ADH) Timeframes

This waiver allows state agencies to extend the timeframe for the full ADH process to a maximum of 180 days from the time of the hearing notification, and the potential postponement period up to 60 days.

  • Approved: DE, GA, PA, SD
  • June Extension: DE, GA, PA, SD
  • July Approved & Extension: DE, NC, PA
  • August Extension: DE, NC, PA
  • September Extension: DE, PA
  • October Extension: DE, PA
  • November Extension: PA, NC
  • December Extension: NC
  • January 2021 Extension: NC
  • March Extension: NC
  • April Extension: NC
  • May Extension: NC
Extend SSN Good Cause Period

FNS will allow the state agency to extend the timeframe for an individual to participate in SNAP after having established good cause for failure to provide a Social Security Number (SSN) for up to an additional 3 months, to address COVID-19-related closures of Social Security Administration offices.

  • Approved: IL (June, July , August and September extensions) | OH (June, July, August and September extensions) | WA, IL (June, July, August, September and October extensions) | WA, IL (November extensions) | IL (December extensions) | WA, IL (January 2021 extensions) | IL (February extensions) | WA, IL (March extensions) | WA, IL (April extensions) | WA, IL (May extensions)
Exclude Unearned Income

FNS will not allow states to exclude unearned income when determining eligibility and allotments.

Revise Authorized Representative Requirements

FNS will permit states to allow certain community partners and advocates to sign an application as an authorized representative of a household based on the household's verbal assent.

  • Approved: DE (July and September extensions) | MN, IL (July, August and September extensions) | DE, MN, IL (October extensions) | DE, MN, IL (November extensions) | DE, MN, IL (December extensions) | MN, DE, IL (January 2021 extensions) | MN, IL (February extensions) | DE, MN, IL (March extensions) | DE, IL (April extensions) | DE, IL (May extensions)
Suspend Student Eligibility Rules

FNS is denying requests from states that seek to adjust SNAP eligibility requirements by waiving restrictions on students’ eligibility.

Waive Management Evaluations
Waive Unemployment Insurance Income
  • Denied: IL
Page updated: September 19, 2023