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SNAP - Application Processing Waivers

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Adjustments to Interview Requirements

FNS is allowing states to adjust interview requirements for SNAP applicants.

Core Verification and Interview Adjustment

FNS will permit state agencies to conduct streamlined interviews for at least 50% of non-elderly or disabled households. All initial applicants will continue to be interviewed. State agencies may also request to use the periodic report in lieu of an application for recertification to establish a new certification period for households.

Extend Certification Periods; Waive Periodic Reports

Allows states to extend certification periods and temporarily waive periodic report form submissions for households whose certification periods expire within a set timeframe.

Other Application Processing Waivers

FNS will allow states to suspend use of IEVS and in-person collection of applications and documents. FNS has denied certain other application-processing waivers.

Periodic Report Flexibility for Non-Extended Recertification Cases

FNS will permit state agencies to use periodic report procedures for household due to recertify to establish a new certification period. This may only be applied to households that have not had their certification periods previously extended through other adjustments.

Telephonic Signature

FNS will allow the state to document in writing in the case file that a client verbally attested to the information provided on the application, instead of requiring an audio recording of the verbal attestation to constitute a valid telephonic signature.

Page updated: April 18, 2023