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WIC Participant and Program Characteristics 2020

Since 1988, FNS has produced biennial reports on WIC participant and program characteristics (PC) for use in program monitoring and managing WIC information needs. The PC 2020 report summarizes demographic, income and health-related characteristics and behaviors of participants certified to receive WIC benefits in April 2020. As a response to COVID-19, the PC 2020 report also compares participant and program characteristics between participants certified to receive benefits in April 2020 and those certified to receive benefits in November 2020 in nine select state agencies.

Resource | Research | Food/Nutrient Analysis

Indicators of Diet Quality, Nutrition, and Health for Americans by Program Participation Status, 2011–2016: The SNAP Report

This study is the fourth in a series that uses the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data to examine the relationship between SNAP participation and indicators of diet quality, nutrition, and health. As in previous studies, this study compares SNAP participants with income-eligible and higher income nonparticipants, by age and gender.

Resource | Research | Assessing/Improving Operations

Changes in WIC Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A First Look at the Impact of Federal Waivers

This preliminary report summarizes key changes, improvements, and challenges to WC operations as delivered under the physical presence and remote benefit issuance waivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. These findings represent a first, high-level look at survey data collected from state and local WIC agencies to fulfill reporting requirements for waivers issued under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Resource | Research | Assessing/Improving Operations

Third National Survey of WIC Participants

The National Survey of WIC Participants (NSWP) study series is designed to describe state and local agency characteristics, examine participants’ characteristics, assess participants’ experiences with WIC, and estimate improper payments resulting from certification errors in WIC. The study is conducted approximately every 10 years, and the current study is the third iteration (NSWP-III) in the series.