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Nutrition Education and Local Food Access Dashboard

The goal of the dashboard is to provide a county-level visualization of FNS nutrition support, specifically nutrition education and local food access, alongside other metrics related to hunger and nutritional health.

The dashboard can be used by federal, state and local agencies, tribal nations, and local partners to assess concentration of nutrition resources, as well as gaps, for:

  1. Providing collaborative cross-program nutrition technical assistance,
  2. Developing nutrition action plans geared to target and optimize resources, and
  3. Identifying potential partners for expanding best practices.

Please see our "About the Data Guide" if you have data-related questions. 

For other assistance with the dashboards and/or help interpreting the data, please email us at

The FNS Central Analytics Team, housed in the FNS Office of the Chief Operating Officer, provides data management, visualization, and analytics leadership for FNS programs and offices in alignment with the USDA Data Strategy and Federal Data Strategy. The Central Analytics Team’s priorities include enabling FNS programs and operational divisions in the development of data visualization and analytics products to support informed decision-making, secure data automation and management to improve efficiencies, and federal employee training to cultivate a data-informed workforce and agency. 

For questions about the above data visualization and analytics products, contact
Reporters looking for information, contact the FNS press team. For general questions, contact us.

Page updated: July 23, 2024