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CSFP Sharing Gallery: Inclusion Criteria

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Training and Outreach

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CSFP Sharing Gallery Inclusion Criteria

If you are considering submitting a resource to be included in the CSFP Sharing Gallery, please ensure it aligns with the following criteria.

  1. Focus Area: CSFP Participants (Low-Income Older Adults. CSFP serves individuals age 60 and over with incomes of less than 130% of poverty ($16,744 for a senior living alone in 2021).
  2. At the time of review, nutrition-related information is consistent with the most recently published version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, USDA MyPlate and/or the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.
  3. Education materials and resources for program participants should be written and presented at the 5th grade level.
  4. Information is focused on food and nutrition education and not on CSFP program operations or policy.
  5. Resources created within the last 5 years are preferred.
  6. Information is presented objectively and fairly without brand name promotion or obvious author/sponsor bias.
  7. Content can include, but not be limited to:
    • Food and nutrition education resources/tools suitable for State and local agencies to develop and conduct nutrition education activities or to distribute to CSFP participants.
      • Note: recipe and cookbook content must be appropriate for the CSFP population. Recipes should be appealing and use USDA Foods offered through CSFP. See Recipe Inclusion Criteria for additional recipe requirements.
    • Links to information on the nutrition needs of older Americans and/or to other agencies that provide food and nutrition resources for low-income older Americans.
Page updated: June 27, 2024