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CSFP Sharing Gallery: Presentations & Training

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Add a little spice (& herbs) to your life power point cover page

Add a Little SPICE (& HERBS) to Your Life!

University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension
A presentation with accompanying handouts that help to teach participants how spices and herbs add flavor to food. A total of 79 slides can be broken down into shorter segments. Topics include Fat, Sugar and Salt Reduction Tips, Flavor and Food Combinations, Common Substitutions, General Rules for Amounts, When to Add Spices and Herbs, Storing Spices and Herbs, and How Long to Keep Spices and Herbs
Cost: Free

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Educational PowerPoints & Handouts

University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension
PowerPoint presentations and handouts on a variety of topics including food, nutrition, fitness, consumer food safety, and hand washing.
Cost: Free

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Page updated: May 12, 2023