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Whole Grains

Last Published: 08/02/2018

Messages, Tips and Advice

The more moms understand about whole grains and the health benefits they provide, the more likely they are to serve them to their families. The messages, tips and tools below provide nutrition educators with resources that speak to mothers in ways that motivate and inspire them to make whole grains part of family meals and snacks. See spotlight and implementation guide for more information and ideas for using these resources.

New! Whole Grain Messages, Tips, Advice, Guidance. 
Use these resources to help moms put messages into practice!


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For All Mothers

  • Give yourself and those you love.
  • Whole grains make a difference.

For mothers of preschoolers

  • Start them early with whole grains.
  • Happy kids. Happy tummies.

For mothers of Elementary School Kids

  • Start every day the whole grain way.

Tips, Advice and Guidance for Mothers

On these and other topics:

  • How to tell if it is a whole grain?
  • Whole grains and your family’s health
  • Whole Grains: How much is enough each day?
  • Quick and easy meals with whole grains.
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Download and Use these New Whole Grain Tools!

  • Place them on your web site.
  • Share with friends/family by email or social media.
  • Use as part of group discussions, parent/family night events, etc.
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