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Spanish Translation of Core Messages

Last Published: 04/28/2014

Child Nutrition SP

Easy to Read, Culturally Appropriate Resources for Spanish  Speaking Moms.

The Core Nutrition Message (CNM) for moms  and the related  tips and advice are now available in Spanish. Working with partners and a contract, FNS  modified these materials  to reflect the dialect and culture of Mexican Americans.  To ensure that the language and image resonated with moms and  were clear, feasible, culturally relevant and motivating, the materials were tested  in focus groups. All women in the groups had  a household income at or below 185 percent of the Federal poverty line, most participated in one of the nutrition assistance programs  and  all spoke Spanish as their primary language.


The final Spanish language products are based on the research as well as input from  partners and the contractor. These resources were  analyzed for readability using the Fernández-Huertas Reading Ease Score (RES) test which confirm that  most  of the materials are at or below the 5th grade reading level.

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