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Last Published: 03/31/2014

Messages, Tips, Advice and Tools

What inspires moms to switch their kids and other family members to fat free or low-fat (1% fat or less) milk and offer it as part of meals and snacks? Moms found these messages and tips both realistic and motivating. Use them to help moms understand the benefits of low-fat milk (1% fat or less) and to inspire them to make the switch! See spotlight and implementation guide for more information and ideas for using these resources.

New! Milk Messages, Tips, Advice, Guidance

Use these resources to help moms put messages into practice!

All Messages

For All mothers

  • There’s no power like mom power.

For mothers of preschoolers

  • Mom is a child's first teacher.
  • Strong bodies need strong bones.

For mothers of Elementary School Kids

  • Milk matters.
  • They're still growing.

For Elementary School Kids

  • Fuel up with milk at meals.
  • Snack like a super hero.
  • Eat smart to play hard.

Tips, Advice, and Guidance for Mothers

  • How much milk does my family need each day?
  • Do my kids get enough at school?
  • Why should I switch to low fat milk.

Download and Use these New Milk Tools!

  • Place them on your web site.
  • Share with friends and family by email or social media.
  • Use as part of group discussions, parent/family night events, etc.