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Fruits and Vegetables

Last Published: 04/27/2016

Messages, Tips, Advice and Tools

Moms know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for kids, but many find it challenging to get children to eat them. Use these messages and actionable tips and advice to give moms confidence to try these simple ways to increase the variety and amount of fruits and vegetables kids and other family members eat. See spotlight and the implementation guide for tips and suggestions.

Fruits and Vegetables Messages, Tips, Advice, Guidance
Use these resources to help moms put messages into practice!

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For Mothers of Preschoolers

  • Why does it matter what I do?

For Mothers of Elementary School Kids

  • How to get kids help
  • Eating the Rainbow!

For Mothers of Preschoolers

  • They learn from watching you ...
  • They take their lead from you ...

For Mothers of Elementary School Kids

  • Let your kids be produce pickers ...
  • Want your kids to reach for a healthy snack?

Messages and Tools for Kids (aged 8-10)

  • Fuel up with fruits and veggies
  • Eat Smart to Play Hard

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Track & Field Game

The ‘Field Day Challenge’ game allows kids to “Go for the Gold” while learning about healthy eating. Learn more about the game.