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Child Feeding

Last Published: 03/31/2014

Messages, Tips, Advice and Tools

Give mothers peace of mind and confidence with these child feeding messages, tips, and tools designed for mothers of kids 2-5 years old. Inspire them to use child feeding practices that can help their children develop healthy eating habits for life by integrating these materials into ongoing WIC, CACFP, and SNAP nutrition education, so mothers receive consistent, reinforcing messages across the nutrition assistance programs. Consumer testing showed mothers found these messages relevant, realistic and motivating. See spotlight and the implementation guide for tips and suggestions.

Child Feeding Messages, Tips, and Advice
Use these resources to help moms put messages into practice!


New! Messages for Mothers of Preschool Kids

  • Enjoy each other while enjoying family meals.
  • Feed their independent spirit.
  • Let go a little to gain a lot.
  • More Child Feeding Messages.

New! Tips and advice on these and other topics:

  • Lead the way: Creating a relaxed meal time.
  • Feeding kid's independence at meal time.
  • One mom's story: Enjoying family meal time.
  • Help your child learn to love a variety of foods.
  • Moms often ask: How do I know if my kids get enough.
  • Let them learn by serving themselves.
  • More Child Feeding Tips, Advice.


Download and Use these New Child Feeding Tools

  • Add the rollover and YouTube video on your web site.
  • Share them with friends and family by email or social media.
  • Use the video as part of discussion groups , parent/family night events, etc.
    Child Feeding Video