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Program Integrity

USDA’s child nutrition programs provide healthy meals to more than 25 million children in America's communities. These meals must meet USDA’s nutrition standards. To protect your children, schools, centers, day care homes, and other food service sites must meet state and local safety codes. If you have questions about the meals or snacks your child receives, contact your state agency.

Misusing program funds, issuing benefits to households who are not entitled to them, or denying benefits to those who deserve them, lead to significant losses in program dollars and public confidence. If you are concerned that program funds are misused, contact the appropriate number below.

National School Lunch Program

USDA Phone Numbers and Address

USDA Hotline

Washington Metropolitan Area
Toll Free 800-424-9121
TDD 202-690-1202

Office of Inspector General
P.O. Box 23399
Washington, D.C. 20026-3399

Page updated: February 15, 2023