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Questions and Answers on Alternate Protein Products

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APP is the acronym for “Alternate Protein Product.” The term "Alternate Protein Product" is the name used by FNS to identify products meeting requirements set forth in Appendix A of the NSLP, SBP, SFSP, and the CACFP within the section entitled Alternate Protein Products. 

An APP is required 

  1. to be processed so that some portion of the non-protein constituents of the food is removed, 
  2. to have a biological quality at least 80% that of casein using the PDCAAS method, and 
  3. to contain at least 18% protein by weight when fully hydrated or formulated. 

These requirements are found in Appendix A to 7 CFR 210, 220, 225, and 226. Some examples of APPs include soy flours, soy concentrates, soy isolates, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and casein. Processed food items, such as a vegetarian burger or patty, may contain APPs but the entire item cannot be considered an APP as the food item contains other ingredients such as seasonings or breading.


Page updated: March 05, 2024

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