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Breaded Rework Clarification

As of Dec. 1, 2008 all CN label applications for breaded products without breaded rework listed in the formulation must declare, “No Breaded Rework Allowed” under the Quality Control Statement. This applies to any Multi Component rework, for example, patties with sauce, breaded items, etc.

If breaded product, or any other multi-component product, is to be reworked into a CN labeled product, the CN label application must include the percent of breaded rework as a separate ingredient in the approved patty formulation without breading.

A maximum rate of 2 percent of breading or multi-component product may be reworked. Only like product (same CN number or same formulation) may be used. The amount of breaded rework may not provide credit towards meal pattern requirements.

E.g., Breaded patties (having the same CN number or ingredients statement) may be reworked into the patty mix (prior to breading) only if the amount of breaded rework is approved as a separate ingredient of the CN patty formula before it is breaded.

Page updated: June 11, 2024