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Child Nutrition: Program Integrity Final Rule

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FNS published a final rule on program integrity to ensure that child nutrition programs are properly operated and managed to protect federal funds and taxpayer dollars. The final rule impacts the National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, Special Milk Program, Summer Food Service Program, and Child and Adult Care Food Program.

The final rule strengthens program integrity by modernizing how state agencies oversee child nutrition programs. This rule is one of many steps that USDA is taking to ensure that federal child nutrition programs can serve the millions of children who depend on them to reach their full potential. The stakeholder notification summarizes the rule in plain language.

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Implementation Timeline

School Programs Provision Changes
CategoryStatusCompliance Date
Discretion in Taking Fiscal Action for Meal Pattern ViolationsNew ProvisionSept. 22, 2023
Return to a 5-year Review CycleNew ProvisionJuly 1, 2024*
Substitution of Local-Level AuditsNew ProvisionJuly 1, 2024
Completion of Review Requirements Outside of the Administrative ReviewNew ProvisionJuly 1, 2024
Framework for Integrity Focused Process ImprovementsNew ProvisionSept. 22, 2023
Assessment of Resource Management RiskNew ProvisionSept. 22, 2023
Buy American Area of ReviewNew ProvisionSept. 22, 2023
School Food Authority Contracts with Food Service Management CompaniesNo Substantive ChangeAug. 23, 2024
Annual NSLP Procurement TrainingNew ProvisionAug. 23, 2024
Performance Based Reimbursement ReportingNew ProvisionSept. 22, 2023
First annual report due Oct. 30, 2024

* Prior to the compliance date, state agencies may continue to apply for a waiver of the current administrative review cycle

CACFP Provision Changes
CategoryStatusCompliance Date
State Agency Review Requirements in CACFPNew ProvisionAug. 23, 2024
State Liability for Payments to Aggrieved Child Care InstitutionsNew ProvisionAug. 23, 2024
CACFP Audit FundingPreviously ImplementedSept. 22, 2023
Financial Review of Sponsoring Organizations in CACFPNew ProvisionAug. 23, 2024
Informal Purchase Methods for CACFPNo Substantive ChangeAug. 23, 2024
Elimination of the Annual Application for InstitutionsPreviously ImplementedSept. 22, 2023
Timing of Unannounced ReviewsPreviously ImplementedSept. 22, 2023
Standard Agreements Between Sponsoring Organizations and Sponsored Child Care CentersNew ProvisionSept. 22, 2023
Collection and Transmission of Household Income InformationPreviously ImplementedSept. 22, 2023
Calculation of Administrative Funding for Sponsoring Organizations of Day Care HomesPreviously ImplementedSept. 22, 2023
Carryover of Administrative Funding for Sponsoring Organizations of Day Care HomesPreviously ImplementedSept. 22, 2023
Miscellaneous Amendments and Provisions
CategoryStatusCompliance Date
Fines For Violating Program RequirementsNew ProvisionAug. 23, 2024
State Administrative Expense Funds (SAE)New ProvisionSept. 22, 2023

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Page updated: May 29, 2024