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Child Nutrition Technology Innovation Grant (CN TIG)

This grant opportunity is intended to encourage state agencies that administer the CNPs to propose innovative technology solutions that improve program accountability and efficiencies at both the state and local levels. Currently, state agencies administering the CNPs maintain automated systems at the state level that rely on operational data from the local levels including, but not limited to, program applications, eligibility certifications (including direct certification), verification (including direct verification), meal counting and claiming, menu planning, program monitoring, and program reporting. The CN TIGs can be used to bridge gaps in automation. For example, the funds could be used to create virtual statewide systems where the state agency either: 1) provides LEAs/SOs/sites access to software modules related to specific program operations within their larger state-level integrated systems or 2) works with LEAs/SOs to develop interfaces to connect them with the state system in such a way that they perform seamlessly without duplicating effort, yet remaining as separate systems.

Page updated: January 09, 2023