Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)


Last Published: 01/09/2017

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Datesort ascending Document # Title
12/04/2018 SP08 CACFP02 SFSP02-2019 Update of Food Crediting in the Child Nutrition Programs
10/10/2018 SP01 CACFP01-2019 Guidance for FY19: Updated CACFP Meal Patterns and Updated NSLP and SBP Infant and Preschool Meal Patterns
09/14/2018 SP20 CACFP14 SFSP07-2018 60-Day Claim Submission and 90-Day Reporting Requirements for Child Nutrition Programs
06/01/2018 SP18-2018 CACFP13-2018 Child Nutrition Programs’ Flexibilities for School Year 2018-2019
05/24/2018 SP 15-2018, CACFP 12-2018, SFSP 05-2018 Child Nutrition Program Waiver Request Guidance and Protocol- Revised
04/04/2018 CACFP10-2018 Conducting Five-Day Reconciliation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program, with Questions and Answers
04/04/2018 CACFP09-2018 Grain Requirements in the CACFP: Questions and Answers
01/19/2018 SP05 CACFP05-2018 Providing Child Nutrition Program Benefits to Disaster Survivor Evacuees
01/18/2018 FD144 SP04 SFSP01 CACFP04-2018 Market Basket Analysis when Procuring Program Goods and Modifying Contracted-For Product Lists
11/21/2017 FD-107 Donated Food Storage, Distribution, and Product Dating
10/19/2017 CACFP02-2018 Feeding Infants and Meal Pattern Requirements in the Child and Adult Care Food Program; Questions and Answers
09/20/2017 CACFP18-2017 Clarifications: Funding Levels for FY 2018 Child and Adult Care Food Program Audit Fund Allocation
06/30/2017 CACFP16-2017 Grain-Based Desserts in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
06/30/2017 CACFP17-2017 Documenting Meals in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
06/29/2017 SP36 CACFP15 SFSP11-2017 Eligibility Manual for School Meals