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Adult Care Meal Pattern

Supper for Adults

Select All three Components for a Reimbursable Meal

2 fruits/vegetables 1 cup juice,1 fruit and/or vegetable
1 grains/bread 2 2 slices
2 servings
1½ cups
1 cup
1 cup
bread or
cornbread or biscuit or roll or muffin or
cold dry cereal or
hot cooked cereal or
pasta or noodles or grains
1 meat/meat alternate 2 oz.
2 oz.
2 oz.
1/2 cup
4 Tbsp.
1 oz.
8 oz.
lean meat or poultry or fish 3 or
alternate protein product or
cheese or
egg or
cooked dry beans or peas or
peanut or other nut or seed butter or
nuts and/or seeds 4 or
yogurt 5

1 Fruit or vegetable juice must be full-strength.
2 Breads and grains must be made from whole-grain or enriched meal or flour. Cereal must be whole-grain or enriched or fortified.
3 A serving consists of the edible portion of cooked lean meat or poultry or fish.
4 Nuts and seeds may meet only one-half of the total meat/meat alternate serving and must be combined with another meat/meat alternate to fulfill the supper requirement.
5 Yogurt may be plain or flavored, unsweetened or sweetened.