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Your Market is Only a Few Clicks Away: Navigating USDA’s Local Food Directories

By Americo Vega-Labiosa, Agricultural Marketing Specialist, Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA
AMS Market

USDA’s Local Food Directories make it easy for customers to find fresh local foods through four local outlets. Recent updates have made the directories easier to use on the go, on your phone or computer. We’ve also launched a new directory for agritourism. As the platform continues to grow, here are a few tips on how to navigate this resource. We especially hope you’ll use it during National Farmers Market Week, when supporting local markets can be a few clicks away.

  1. Use it on the go. This website is convenient to use on a phone or tablet. The new technology behind USDA’s Local Food Directories gives you seamless access on your phone and pulls map locations so that you can navigate to a location with a single click. Take advantage of this feature when you are out with friends and need to convince them that a local market is closer than they think!
  2. Know what to search for. Looking for “apples” or “bread” can guide you to several farmers markets and CSAs that include the item you need. You can also search terms like “no pesticides,” “women-owned,” or “minority-owned” to find businesses that qualify under these definitions. By selecting one of the individual directories and slowly zooming out on the map, you can reveal all locations available under that directory. Zooming out to the full country shows nationwide results.
  3. Report new markets. If you frequent a neighborhood market or CSA that is not listed on the webpage, ask your market manager if they would be interested in participating. With over 3,800 listings, the directory continues to grow. With your help, future listings can be more extensive. If interested, they can email to get information on adding their market to the directory!
Page updated: November 22, 2023