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National School Breakfast Week: Kids Love School Breakfast

school breakfast1
By Cherish Phillips, Public Affairs Specialist, Food and Nutrition Service

I recently had the opportunity to join my daughter for breakfast at her school. Every morning, she asks me what’s on the menu for her school’s breakfast. And that morning was no different. The moment I told her, they were serving mini pancakes – her favorite – with craisins and applesauce, she couldn’t wait to get to school.

During my visit, I also had a chance to talk the school’s cafeteria manager, Marvin. We talked about how excited the kids often get when they find out what his staff is serving for the day.

Our School Breakfast Program isn’t always the star of the show, but it’s one of the most nutritious and tasty meals our children eat each day. Studies show that kids do better in school when they eat breakfast. Here at the Food and Nutrition Service, it’s my job to communicate about how great and nutritious school meals are. But as a parent, I can also attest to how much my child really enjoys getting breakfast at school.

After my visit, I cannot commend all the school meal professionals out there enough. The amount of dedication and patience that you all demonstrate day in and day out to provide kids with the nutrition they need to be active, to learn, and to grow, is nothing short of amazing. And your job doesn’t go unnoticed.

Happy National School Breakfast Week!

Page updated: November 22, 2023