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Contract Common Clauses

Last Published: 06/20/2016

The primary objective of this Handbook is to ensure successful approval and subsequent Federal funding of projects supporting FNS programs.  State and Federal procurement and contract management require standard clauses and provisions be included in these documents.  The following list provides guidance and/or examples of typical contract clauses.  Please note that many States have their own versions of these clauses and may also require additional language or certifications.

General procurement guidance may be found at 2 CFR 200.

Copeland Anti-Kickback sample language for procurement documents and contracts:
In accordance with this assurance, Contractor understands that it must comply with federal Executive Order 11246, the Copeland "Anti-Kickback Act" (18 USC 874), Section 306 of the federal Clean Air Act, Section 508 of the federal Clean Water Act, and that it has certified that neither it nor its principals are debarred or suspended from federal financial assistance programs and activities and to complete and return in pursuit of such certification any appropriate form required by <State agency> (see Federal Executive Order 12549 and 7 CFR Part 3017).