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Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

WIC - Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Guidance

Last Published: 04/06/2015

The goal and purpose of this guidance is to ensure consistent standards applicable to WIC EBT and enable efficient application of WIC EBT business practices into automated cash register systems supporting food retail vendors.

The September 2014 Operating Rules - Women, Infants and Children (WIC) - Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is now published.  The update includes all Bulletins published between 2010 through July 15, 2014.  Please refer to the section in the 2014 Operating Rules entitled “Changes in 2014 Version” for further details.  This version includes bold type indicators for revisions that become effective after September 2014.  If there are any questions or comments, please email them to

WIC Operating Rules & Technical Implementation Guide (click for more background)

    WIC EBT Operating Rules  (PDF, 11-10-14)
    WIC EBT Technical Implementation Guide  (PDF, 09-30-12)
    Updates to the Technical Implementation Guide  (PDF, 09-30-12)

For more information on EBT, go to APD Document Library