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Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

Former WIC Food Package Milk FAQs

Last Published: 11/19/2013

The following materials represent information about the WIC food packages prior to the 10/01/09 implementation of new regulations. Click here for information about the new food packages..


Frequently Asked WIC Food Package Questions

Milk Questions

1.  Are soy and rice beverages WIC-eligible?

Currently, soy and rice-based beverages are not approved substitutes for cow’s milk in the WIC food package.  All milks authorized in the WIC Program must meet the Food and Drug Administration’s standard of identity for milk.  Soy and rice beverages do not. 

2.  Is chocolate milk WIC-eligible?

Unflavored and flavored milk both meet Federal requirements for use in the WIC Program.  All authorized milks must also be pasteurized and contain 400 International Units of vitamin D and 2000 IU of vitamin A per quart of low-fat or fat free milk.  State agencies are not obligated to include all WIC-eligible foods on their State food lists.  Therefore, not all State agencies may include flavored milk on their WIC food lists.

3.  Is yogurt WIC -eligible?

WIC regulations do not allow the substitution of yogurt for milk in the WIC food packages.  Only cheese is an approved substitution for milk.