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Breastfeeding Food Package Guidance

Last Published: 01/14/2014

Issued May 20, 2009

The breastfeeding provisions in the interim rule "Revisions in the WIC Food Packages," published in the Federal Register on December 6, 2007, are designed to strengthen the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) breastfeeding promotion efforts and provide additional incentives to encourage mothers in making the decision to initiate and continue to breastfeed.

The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) has issued the guidance documents to:

  • recap FNS policy and philosophy related to breastfeeding assessment, tailoring infant formula amounts, and the importance of minimal formula supplementation;
  • assist State and local agencies in strengthening breastfeeding policies and protocols related to assessment, food package issuance, counseling and referrals consistent with the interim rule provisions;
  • convey the important role all staff, especially local agency staff, play in breastfeeding promotion and support; and
  • summarize food package issuance protocols for breastfeeding women.

The use of the guidance will help to ensure successful implementation of the new WIC food packages and strengthen our breastfeeding promotion and support efforts.

Breastfeeding Food Package Guidance  (pdf)

Attachment 1 - Protocols  (pdf)

Attachment 2 - Counseling Points  (pdf)

Attachment 3 - Staff Roles  (pdf)

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