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Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

2012 WIC EBT User Group Meeting Presentations

Last Published: 08/11/2014
Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Federal Overview: Budget update, SA Implementation plans Presentation not available
FNS Updates
Model Documents
Handbook 901
Cost Analysis Tool
Technical Implementation Guide and Operating Rules
V4 workgroup
Offline split tender and reversals
Presentations not available
Current SAM Update
SPIRIT, MPSC, Crossroads  
Presentation: SAM - SPIRIT Update
Presentation: SAM - MPSC Update
Presentation: SAM - Crossroads Update
NUPC Update
Update on system development effort
Presentation of State APL capture tools
Presentation: NUPC Update 1 of 2
Presentation: NUPC Update 2 of 2
Retailer Certifications
Workgroup Update
Why certifications are necessary
How does a retailer become certified? (who needs to be involved, why, their role in the final deliverable, etc.)
Certification Tools
Presentation: Retailer Certifications
Technology Innovation Project Updates
Kentucky; Washington; Alaska
Presentation: Technology Innovation Projects
Implementing EBT and MIS jointly Presentation: Joint EBT and MIS 1 of 4
Presentation: Joint EBT and MIS 2 of 4
Presentation: Joint EBT and MIS 3 of 4
Presentation: Joint EBT and MIS 4 of 4

EMV: The future of electronic payments

Presentation: EMV - The Future of Electronic Payments