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Waiver of Requirements for State Distributing Agency Submission of Information from Monthly Performance Reports

Last Published: 04/12/2016

July 27, 2010

In accordance with 7 CFR 250.30(t), this policy memorandum waives current requirements, in 7 CFR 250.30(n)(4) and 7 CFR 250.30(0)(1), for the State distributing agency to submit to the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) the annual reconciliation report (i.e., the last monthly performance report submitted by processors for the contract year) and the inventory summary portion of processors' monthly performance reports for the last month of each quarter of the fiscal year. We proposed to remove these requirements in the proposed rule, "Revisions and Clarifications in Requirements for the Processing of Donated Foods", which was published in the Federal Register on Aug. 24, 2006. This waiver removes such requirements in advance of the publication of a final rule.

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