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Team Nutrition

Training Grants - 1999 TN Grants

Last Published: 08/26/2015
Arkansas California Connecticut Louisiana
Massachusetts New York North Dakota Ohio
Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Dakota
West Virginia


The Arkansas Team Nutrition Training Project is designed to address the communication channels of food service systems management and classroom/cafeteria nutrition education programs. There are two objectives: (1) training of child nutrition personnel to successfully implement the Three Steps to Healthy School Meals management system; and (2) expansion of the classroom/cafeteria connected nutrition education program, Nifty Nutrition with Skills Integration Activities.
For more information, contact:
Wanda Shockey
Arkansas Department of Education
Child Nutrition
Unit 2020 West Third, Suite 404
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205
(501) 324-9502 (phone)
(501) 324-9505 (fax)



This Team Nutrition Training Grant will fund two projects that support the implementation of the School Meals Initiative for Healthy Children and will enhance the health and well-being of children and youth so they are ready to learn and able to achieve their full potential. The first project is to develop and implement a statewide food safety instruction program for local-level staff at all major child nutrition program position levels. This project addresses the critical issue of food safety, as evidenced by the mounting concern of health professionals and communities regarding the safety of meals served to children. The second project is to improve and increase the quality and amount of sustainable, effective nutrition education provided to California's elementary students, resulting in healthier students who are ready to learn. This project addresses the critical need to provide effective training to elementary teachers and other classroom educators, including child nutrition personnel, with basic nutrition information and with tools for teaching nutrition in the classroom to elementary students. An essential component of these modules will be to integrate nutrition concepts into the core curricular areas and align the content with the recently adopted California standards for language arts/reading, mathematics, and science as well as other curricula standards.
For more information, contact:
Sally Livingston
Administrator Department of Education
Nutrition Education & Training Section
506 J Street, Suite 270
Sacramento, California 95814
(916) 322-2152 (phone)
(916) 323-4311 (fax)



The goal of Connecticut's Team Nutrition Training Grant is to enhance implementation of the School meals Initiative for Healthy Children by increased outreach of nutrition education and food service training, with emphasis on the link between classroom and dining room. This goal will be accomplished through a combination of four components related to training and technical assistance for school food service personnel and nutrition education for teachers, students, and parents. The four components are: (1) competitive local training grants to school districts for delivery of training programs at the district and school levels; (2) technical assistance to support schools in the implementation of the School Meals Initiative nutrition goals; (3) development and implementation of a 10-week breakfast and lunch cycle menu which reflects student preferences, meets School Meals Initiative nutrition goals and can be used for the menu planning option of Assisted NuMenus; and (4) training for teachers on a sustainable statewide activity-based nutrition education program which encourages children to make food choices for a healthy diet and emphasizes parent involvement.
For more information, contact:
Susan S. Fiore, M.S., R.D.
Connecticut State Department of Education
Child Nutrition Programs
25 Industrial Park Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457-1543
(860) 807-2075 (phone)
(860) 807-2084 (fax)



This grant will provide funding for school district teams attending the Team Nutrition Summer Institute (TNSI) in the summer of 2000 to implement their strategic plans. The strategic plans will create district-wide training programs for school food service personnel in the following five areas: (1) the dining room to classroom link to support nutrition education; (2) comprehensive school health program linkages; (3) nutrition education linkages; (4) district or school healthy or nutrition task force; and (5) a marketing plan. Also, to build upon the dining room to classroom connection, a nutrition curriculum will be developed that will be very user friendly for teachers in Louisiana to use through the core curriculum. Positive nutrition messages will be provided through communication channels in the areas of classroom activities, school-wide events, community events, and media events and coverage
For more information, contact:
Alice Carroll
Louisiana Department of Education
Division of Nutrition Assistance
P.O. Box 94064
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-9064
(225) 342-3695 (phone)
(225) 342-3305 (fax)


There are three main goals for this Team Nutrition Training Grant Project: (1) to provide comprehensive School Meals Initiative training for food service personnel; (2) to expand and deliver nutrition education for the cafeteria, classroom and community using comprehensive school health and innovative partnerships/collaborations; and (3) to offer funding and technical assistance for customized programs through local level Team Nutrition Training Grants. Goal 1 will be accomplished by providing hands-on culinary training, nutrition-related computer training and financial management workshops for food service personnel. Goal 2 will be accomplished by providing workshops to all members of the health education team (food service personnel, health educators, school nursing staff), emphasizing curriculum integration using the Massachusetts Health Curriculum Frameworks. Goal 3 will be accomplished by designing an efficient and effective subgrant process to provide financial support to local school districts to support their own nutrition education and training needs.
For more information, contact:
Barbara Ruhs
Massachusetts Department of Education
Nutrition Programs and Services
350 Main Street|
Malden , Massachusetts 02148
(781) 388-3300 ext. 504 (phone)
(781) 388-3476 (fax)


New York

This Team Nutrition Training Grant will enhance and provide locally driven training programs to food service personnel, students and the community and will encourage participation in Team Nutrition activities by school food authorities. The objective of this grant supports the mission of the State Education Department by ensuring that health and nutrition services improve student health and classroom performance via an array of strategic initiatives. Local Level Training Grants will be provided to school food authorities to strengthen the critical link between nutrition and classroom achievement through positive nutrition messages resulting in children who are able to take full advantage of educational opportunities and develop to their fullest potential. Emphasis on the development of partnerships with other school food authorities, educational facilities, parents, the media, etc., will ensure that school food authorities develop training programs that are beneficial to all food service personnel, students, teachers, parents, and the community.
For more information, contact:
Frances N. O'Donnell
New York State Education
Department Office of Regional School and Community Services
Child Nutrition Program Administration
Room 362 EBA
Albany, New York 12234
(518) 473-8781 (phone)
(518) 473-0018 (fax)


North Dakota

This Team Nutrition Training Grant will include the implementation of a coordinated nutrition services/nutrition education local grant program. Local Level Team Nutrition Training Grants will help ensure the delivery of improved nutrition services to students. The local grants will be formulated around the Team Nutrition Mission, and fit well into existing projects and activities. In addition to local grants, North Dakota will assure public relations/marketing and training initiatives that will support the overall system. This public relations/marketing and training emphasis will build on existing models and past activities. The projects in this grant are: (1) design and develop a State level system of local school grants; (2) award and administer the grants; (3) continue and enhance marketing and promotion strategies; and (4) conduct training sessions for school food service personnel.
For more information, contact:
Loris Freier Assistant Director
North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
Child Nutrition and Food Distribution
600 East Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck, North Dakota 58505-0440
(701) 328-2294 (phone)
(701) 328-2461


This Grant will train a Network of Nutrition Educators to go into the school classroom and present four lessons from one of the four grade-appropriate Team Nutrition Kits (Food & Me, Food Time, Food Works, or yourSELF). The Nutrition Educators will assist the classroom teacher in preparing to present three additional lessons on their own, as well as incorporating a classroom/lunchroom link. Training for nutrition educators will be presented through a one-day workshop, follow-up workshops, and newsletters. The nutrition educators will be professionals from the Ohio Dietetic Association, the Ohio Nutrition Council, State and local health departments, the Ohio State University Extension, the Ohio Team Nutrition Supporters' Network, AmeriCorps Vista volunteers through the Ohio Hunger Task Force, Ohio health teachers and Ohio school nurses.
For more information, contact:
Mary Ann Weber
Ohio Department of Education
Division of Child Nutrition Services
65 South Front Street, Room 713
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183
(614) 466-2945 (phone)
(614) 752-7613 (fax)



Through this Grant, five schools will be awarded Local Level Team Nutrition Training Grants to implement a Team Nutrition Action Plan linking the cafeteria, classroom, and community. Project staff will provide training, guidance, support, and monitoring of these schools as they become Team Nutrition Showcase Schools. The process of implementing the action plans in these schools will be video documented, resulting in a "Team Nutrition Best Practices" kit, including a video and print materials, which will be promotional and educational tools for schools implementing Team Nutrition.
For more information, contact:
Pat Birkenshaw Department of Education
Division of Food and Nutrition Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management
333 Market Street, 4th Floor
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17126
(717) 787-7698 (phone)
(717) 783-6566 (fax)


Rhode Island

The 1999 Team Nutrition Training Grant will expand the TNT Institute into a Statewide Nutrition Programs Training Resource Center for entire school communities. The cafeteria-classroom link will continue by integrating health school meals with nutrition education, other comprehensive school health programs, the agricultural community, and with the community of physical activity professionals. This Grant will improve and expand the Team Nutrition school gardening/agricultural program and will continue to expand parent, community, local business, and local organization involvement and support in Team Nutrition.
For more information, contact:
E. Richard Morrell
Nutrition Program Specialist
Rhode Island Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
Office of Integrated Social Services Nutrition Programs
255 Westminster Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02903
(401) 222-4600 ext. 2453 (phone)
(401) 222-6163 (fax)


South Dakota

South Dakota's Team Nutrition Training Grant is a three-pronged program to meet the intended purpose for the Healthy School Meals Program. The goal is to enhance South Dakota's statewide effort to provide meals for children that are consistent with the Dietary Guidelines, to provide nutrition education that promotes children's healthy eating behavior, and to strengthen external linkages in support of healthy eating at school and in other eating environments. The three programs are: (1) Elementary School Integrated Nutrition Education Initiative; (2) Preschool Nutrition Education Program; and (3) South Dakota Food Service Certification Institute Instructors Training Workshop.
For more information, contact:
Sandra Kangas Director,
Department of Education & Cultural Affairs Child and Adult Nutrition Services
700 Governors Drive
Pierre, South Dakota 57501
(605) 773-4746 (phone)
(605) 773-6846 (fax)


West Virginia

This Team Nutrition Training Grant will enable trainers to prepare and deliver nutrition information to parents in their local communities by: (1) providing opportunities for trainers to learn and practice presentation skills while disseminating nutrition information within school and community settings; (2) producing a video depicting parents' role in establishing children's healthy eating habits and the contributions of school nutrition programs toward students' health and learning; and (3) creating a daily calendar with short, effective, research-based nutrition messages that provide nutrition advice to families.
For more information, contact:
Mary Kay Harrison
Executive Director
West Virginia Department of Education
Office of Child Nutrition
Building 6, Room 248
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, West Virginia 25305
(304) 558-2708 (phone)
(304) 558-1149 (fax)