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Last Modified: 11/23/2013

Communication Channels

Nutrition education messages are delivered through Team Nutrition's six reinforcing communication channels to reach children where they live, learn, and play, as well as the adults who care for them and can influence their behavior. These channels are:

Food Service Initiatives

The dining room offers a positive atmosphere that reinforces nutrition education messages and provides opportunities for students to practice skills learned in the classroom.

Classroom Activities

Interactive classroom activities that incorporate nutrition education across the curriculum in all subject areas not only teach students about nutrition but also provide opportunities to develop skills necessary to form lifelong healthy eating habits.

School-Wide Events

Nutrition education activities that all students, school personnel, parents, and the community can enjoy (a school garden project, nutrition fair, or school play) are fun learning opportunities for everyone and reinforce the value of healthy eating and physical activity.

Home Activities

Home activities for children and their parents reinforce messages that children learn at school and in the community. Through their positive example, parents help children learn to make good choices for healthy eating and physical activity. Home activities also provide opportunities for students to influence parental shopping and food preparation decisions.

Community Programs and Events

Individuals and organizations develop community-wide education initiatives that emphasize nutrition and physical activity. Joint efforts by schools and communities expand the reach of Team Nutrition messages.

Media Events and Coverage

Media coverage of school and community events helps ensure that Team Nutrition messages are repeated and are received by wide audiences. Press releases, PSAs, and features are appropriate tools for disseminating nutrition messages and enhancing community support for Team Nutrition goals.

  • Food Service Initiatives
  • Classroom Activities
  • Home Activities
  • Community Programs and Events
  • Media Events and Coverage