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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

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Last Published: 11/07/2013
Date Title
03/24/2016 Interim Rule: SNAP Employment and Training Program Monitoring, Oversight and Reporting Measures
03/23/2016 SNAP Employment, Training a USDA Priority
03/18/2016 Comment Request - Understanding the Anti-Fraud Measures of Large SNAP Retailers
03/18/2016 SNAP Process, Technology Improvement Grants Application Announced
03/14/2016 Proposed Rule - SNAP Promotion
03/09/2016 SNAP Retailer Data
03/08/2016 SNAP Clarification of Fleeing Felons Final Rule Questions and Answers
03/02/2016 USDA Selects Ten States for Job-Driven SNAP Employment and Training Project
02/29/2016 Comment Request - Quality Control Review Schedule
02/24/2016 Empirical Bayes Shrinkage Estimates of State Supplemental Nutrition assistance Program Participation Rates in 2011-2013 for All Eligible People and the Working Poor
02/17/2016 Enhancing Retailer Standards in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
02/16/2016 USDA Proposes Policies to Improve Food Access, Healthy Choices for Low-income Americans
02/16/2016 Calculating the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Program Access Index: A Step-By-Step Guide for 2014
02/11/2016 SNAP Review of Major Changes in Program Design and Management Evaluation Systems Final Rule - Additional Guidance and Questions and Answers
02/11/2016 State Agency Notification of Major Changes in Program Design Form
02/10/2016 Fact Sheet: USDA Assistance to Residents Affected by the Water Emergency in Flint, Michigan
02/10/2016 USDA to Temporarily Allow WIC Funds to be Used for Lead Testing for Flint-Area WIC Recipients, Announces Other Measures to Expand Access to Healthy Foods
02/03/2016 Reaching Those in Need: Estimates of State Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Participation Rates in 2013
02/01/2016 Comment Request - SNAP Performance Reporting System, Management Evaluation
02/01/2016 Firms Sought as Volunteers for SNAP Home Food Delivery Pilot