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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

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Last Published: 11/07/2013
Date Title
02/10/2016 Fact Sheet: USDA Assistance to Residents Affected by the Water Emergency in Flint, Michigan
02/10/2016 USDA to Temporarily Allow WIC Funds to be Used for Lead Testing for Flint-Area WIC Recipients, Announces Other Measures to Expand Access to Healthy Foods
02/03/2016 Reaching Those in Need: Estimates of State Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Participation Rates in 2013
02/01/2016 Comment Request - SNAP Performance Reporting System, Management Evaluation
02/01/2016 Request for Volunteers - Food Purchasing and Delivery Services
02/01/2016 Firms Sought as Volunteers for SNAP Home Food Delivery Pilot
01/27/2016 FACT SHEET: Obama Administration Announces Major Investments in Preventing Child Hunger
01/26/2016 SNAP Requirement for National Directory of New Hires Employment Verification and Annual Program Activity Reporting
01/22/2016 Comment Request - SNAP Forms: Applications, Periodic Reporting, and Notices.
01/19/2016 SNAP: Review of Major Changes in Program Design and Management Evaluation Systems
01/19/2016 Implementation Memo: SNAP Review of Major Changes in Program Design and Management Evaluation Systems
01/11/2016 Enhancing Completion Rates for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Quality Control Reviews
01/11/2016 Treatment of Funds in Crowdfunding Accounts in Determining SNAP Eligibility
01/07/2016 HHS and USDA Release New Dietary Guidelines to Encourage Healthy Eating Patterns to Prevent Chronic Diseases
01/06/2016 SNAP Photo Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Card Implementation Requirements
12/23/2015 CFR Correction - Participation of Retail Food Stores, Wholesale Food Concerns and Insured Financial Institutions
12/23/2015 CFR Correction - Performance Reporting System
12/21/2015 Characteristics of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Households: Fiscal Year 2014
12/11/2015 Comment Request - Annual State Report on Verification of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Participation
12/09/2015 FACT SHEET: White House Report Highlights New Research on SNAP’s Effectiveness and the Importance of Adequate Food Assistance