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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Urgent Notice

Last Published: 12/16/2013


There have been reports of individuals placing ads on the internet, sometimes located on the side of legitimate articles, offering assistance for filling out SNAP applications.

The links will take you to another website where you may be asked to provide personal information, including credit card information. Do NOT provide this information.  It can be used to allow other individuals to make unauthorized purchases on your credit card, or gain access to your bank accounts.

If you see any ad on the internet offering SNAP application assistance with a corresponding link, don’t click on it. Never provide any personal information, including credit card information on an unsecure Web Site. SNAP employees or service providers will never ask you for credit card information or for anything not on your State Agency application.

If you have already fallen victim to this or a similar scam, contact your credit card company immediately. You may also choose to file a police report. For more information on identity theft, please visit: .