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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Section 830 - Allotments for Households Residing in Centers

Last Published: 04/10/2014

Section 830 - Allotments for Households Residing in Centers

Q. Can the section on allotments for households living in centers also be applied to group living situations?

A. No. Just addict and alcoholic centers.

Q. Is the State or the center responsible for giving the partial allotment to addicts and alcoholics?

A. The language says the State agency may provide an allotment for the individual to (A) the center and (B) the individual, if the individual leaves the center. The provision is optional, but the language indicates that the State must provide partial months allotments for residents of treatment centers.

Q. Will the provision allowing States to give partial allotment for households in centers change the current regulations to allow such residents to name the shelter as the authorized representative?

A. There will be no change if the State does not opt to issue the allotment in two monthly installments. If the State chooses to do so, the State "may" require the household to designate the center as the authorized representative. In the latter situation, the State could allow applicants to apply on their own behalf or designate someone else. (In the past centers have objected to giving recovering addicts and alcoholics benefits that can be traded for drugs.)

Q. Would a State that elects to issue 2 allotments have to do so routinely since it will usually not know in advance when a person is going to leave the treatment center?

A. We will either address this in the regulations or allow State flexibility in this area. In the interim, States may use their discretion.