How do I pay using my SNAP EBT card?

Each State has its own name for its SNAP EBT card. On the back is a magnetic strip that works in the machine at the grocery store check out.

You will need to use a secret PIN (Personal Identification Number) code in order to buy food with your EBT card. You will probably choose a PIN at the local SNAP office when you first get the EBT card. If you need to change the PIN on your account, you can change it at your local SNAP office.

How does the SNAP EBT card work?

Once you are approved for SNAP, you will get a SNAP EBT card. It is similar to a bank or ATM card. When you go through the checkout line at a grocery store, run the SNAP EBT card through the machine. Then enter your PIN code. The cost of the food is subtracted from your SNAP account automatically. The cash register receipt tells you how much is left in your SNAP account to use at future visits.

You can use your EBT card as many times a month as you want to. There is no fee for using your card.