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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

How to Accept SNAP Benefits at Your Store

Last Published: 09/17/2014

This is an important message for SNAP authorized retailers about your SNAP EBT terminal and related services.  

Retailers will no longer be offered free EBT equipment to participate in SNAP.  Retailers who have been using free EBT equipment and services to accept SNAP may continue to use the EBT equipment and services for free until September 21, 2014 unless your State makes arrangements to convert you sooner.

A partial list of available vendors can be found at this link: SNAP EBT Third Party Processor List.

If you are a third party processor that wishes to be added to this list please contact FNS at  FNS does not endorse any one company over the other. SNAP authorized retailers should review the cost of leasing or purchasing equipment and services and make the best choice for their business; you are NOT required to select from one of the companies listed here.

Again, if you are using free equipment, you should arrange to lease or purchase EBT equipment and services as soon as possible in order to ensure continued participation in SNAP.

EXCEPTIONS: Eligible farmers’ markets, direct-marketing farmers, military commissaries, non- profit food buying cooperatives, group living arrangements, treatment centers, and prepared meal services (other than for-profit restaurants participating in State-option restaurant programs) may continue to qualify for free EBT equipment and services until further notice.

If your business currently uses manual vouchers to conduct SNAP transactions, and you were authorized to accept SNAP prior to March 22, 2014, you may continue to use manual vouchers until the Food and Nutrition Service notifies you of a change. However, you must arrange for and pay for EBT equipment as noted above and work with your EBT vendor regarding manual voucher supplies and processing.