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Family Friendly Application Translations

Last Published: 07/18/2014

The abbreviated, translated application is intended to be used directly by families and is available in 34 languages. This version of the application has been simplified to include not only the information that families need to complete, but also the instructions to the application, the application, and the form to share information with Medicaid/SCHIP for additional benefits. For School Year 2014-15, there is an updated English version of the abbreviated application. However, because the translations were not updated since there were only minor changes,  last year’s English version is also included since that is still the basis for the translations.


English (.pdf)
Arabic (.pdf)
Armenian (.pdf)
Cambodian (.pdf)
Chinese (Traditional) (.pdf)
Chinese (Simplified) (.pdf)
Croatian (.pdf)
Farsi (.pdf)
French (.pdf)
Greek (.pdf)
Gujarati (.pdf)
Haitian Creole (.pdf)
Hindi (.pdf)
Hmong (.pdf)
Japanese (.pdf)
Korean (.pdf)
Kurdish (.pdf)
Laotian (.pdf)
Mien (.pdf)
Polish (.pdf)
Portuguese (.pdf)
Punjabi (.pdf)
Russian (.pdf)
Samoan (.pdf)
Serbian (.pdf)
Somali (.pdf)
Spanish (.pdf)
Sudanese (.pdf)
Tagalog (.pdf)
Thai (.pdf)
Tigrinya (.pdf)
Ukrainian (.pdf)
Urdu (.pdf)
Vietnamese (.pdf)