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12/01/1994 School Lunch Eligible Non-Participants
02/01/1995 WIC Dynamics Study
06/01/1995 Performance Measurement For Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Modernization Initiatives
08/01/1995 The Extent of Trafficking in the Food Stamp Program
09/18/1995 Conference on Access to Food September 18-19, 1995 Report of the Proceedings November 1996
05/01/1996 Characteristics of National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program Participants
09/01/1996 Evaluation of Food Retailer Compliance Management Demonstrations in EBT-Ready States and Related Initiatives: Summary of Study of State Law Enforcement Agreements
01/02/1997 Income Variability Among Families with Pregnant Women, Infants, or Young Children
02/01/1997 Evaluation of the Nutrient Standard Menu Planning Demonstration: Findings from the Formative Evaluation
02/01/1997 Charting the Course for Evaluation: How Do We Measure the Success of Nutrition Education and Promotion in Food Assistance Programs?
02/01/1997 Food Retailers in the Food Stamp Program: Characteristics and Service to Program Participants
03/01/1997 Food Stamp Program Participation Rates: January 1994
04/01/1997 Evaluation of Food Retailer Compliance Management Demonstrations in EBT Ready States and Related Initiatives
05/30/1997 Understanding the Food Choices of Low Income Families
07/01/1997 Early Childhood and Child Care Study
07/01/1997 WIC Infant Feeding Practices Study
09/01/1997 Household Food Security in the United States in 1995: Summary Report of the Food Security Measurement Project
10/17/1997 Trends in FSP Participation Rates: Focus on August 1995
12/01/1997 Charactertics of Childless Unemployed Adult and Legal Immigrant Food Stamp Participants: Fiscal Year 1995
02/01/1998 Evaluation of the E&T/JOBS Conformance Demonstrations