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Outreach Tool Kits

Last Published: 11/16/2013

State/Local SNAP Agencies Outreach Toolkit

The State/Local SNAP Agencies Outreach Toolkit provides a comprehensive overview of how program offices can work with community and faith-based organizations to increase awareness of SNAP benefits. When reviewing your toolkit, don’t forget to check out our new cultural competency or disaster outreach materials

How to Milk This Toolkit for All It’s Worth!

Your introduction to the toolkit, it includes statistics, facts and figures about the SNAP, key messages and talking points. It also lays the groundwork for how State and local SNAP offices can work with community and faith-based organizations.

Hook ‘Em, Then Reel Them In

Step-by-step instructions and examples of how to maximize outreach efforts by developing partnerships, including suggestions for different types of partners, activities for potential outreach, and ideas to gain community involvement

Cultural Competency: A Dash of Diversity, a Medley of Outreach Ideas

Find practical explanations as to the importance of effective SNAP outreach across cultures. This section also includes tips and tools for getting to know those in your community as well as resources for working effectively with minority media to increase awareness of SNAP.

Plant the Seeds, Reap the Benefits

An overview of promising practices with real life examples. Provides a system to submit your agency’s lessons learned, what your organization has tried, what worked and what didn’t.

Disaster Outreach: The Heat Is On – Reaching Out After a Disaster

Learn about the Disaster SNAP and how it differs from the regular Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Review 10 easy steps to help your organization plan for outreach before a disaster strikes as well as 10 tips for increasing awareness of, and delivering, food stamp benefits in the wake of a disaster

A Bundle of Resources and Information

Learn about free FNS resources including the Community Hunger Champions DVD. Also includes lists of regional FNS contacts, in case you need additional technical assistance.


Video: “Community Hunger Champions: Helping People Eat Right When Money’s TightThis 7-minute film will show you how community-based organizations and SNAP offices can work as a team to increase SNAP participation. You can use this video in many different ways. For example, use it to introduce a project idea to a new partner. Use it as a motivator in staff meetings. Use it to explain your work to potential supporters.

TemplatesThe toolkit contains a number of ready-to-use templates to customize for your outreach activities.  Download These Additional Pieces to Complete Your Toolkit: