National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

What's New

Last Modified: 09/16/2013
Date Title
08/23/2012 USDA Awards Grants to Boost Children’s Access to Healthy School Meals
08/22/2012 Current USDA Information on Central Valley Meat Investigation
08/17/2012 Waiver of Congregate Feeding Requirement for Outdoor Feeding Sites Experiencing Extreme Heat
08/16/2012 Application and Other Household Materials for Limited English Proficient Households
08/11/2012 Preventing Overt Identification of Children Certified for Free or Reduced Price School Meals
08/08/2012 Certification of Compliance with New Meal Patterns – Validation Review Checklists
08/05/2012 National School Lunch Program
08/03/2012 Existing Inventory of USDA Foods and Commercial Products
08/02/2012 School Programs Meal, Snack and Milk Payments to States and School Food Authorities
07/24/2012 National Average Payments/Maximum Reimbursement Rates
07/24/2012 Food Distribution: Value of Donated Foods From July 1, 2012 Through June 30, 2013
07/24/2012 National Average Payments/Maximum Reimbursement Rates
07/16/2012 Residential Child Care Institutions exception for safety if serving Multiple Age/Grade Groups
07/16/2012 USDA Exceeds First Lady's HealthierUS School Challenge Goal
07/11/2012 Smoothies Offered in Child Nutrition Programs
06/27/2012 State Administrative Expense Funds
06/12/2012 Procuring Services of Purchasing Cooperatives, Group Purchasing Organizations, Group Buying Organizations
06/08/2012 USDA and Partners Nationwide Team to Feed Children during Summer Meal Gap
05/31/2012 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Fees in FSMC Contracts
05/25/2012 Direct Certification Performance Awards - FY 2012 Guidance