National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

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Last Modified: 01/10/2014
Date Title
10/16/2014 Unpaid Meal Charges: Request for Information
10/14/2014 SY 2014-15 CRE: Procedures Manual, Forms and Instructions
10/08/2014 Online Fees in the School Meal Programs
10/08/2014 Paid Lunch Equity: School Year 2015-16 Calculations and Tool
10/01/2014 Flexibility for Whole Grain-Rich Pasta in SY2014 and SY2015
10/01/2014 Collaboration with School Food Authorities in Conducting Administrative Reviews and Assessing Compliance with Smart Snacks in Schools
10/01/2014 Potatoes Frozen Rounds No Added Salt 5lb Code 100358
09/22/2014 Information and Guidance on the Domestic Beef Market
09/16/2014 Team Up for School Nutrition Success Initiative
09/16/2014 Instructions for Reporting State Administrative Funds for Implementing the New Meal Patterns
09/11/2014 Smart Snacks Standards for Exempt Foods when Paired Together
09/08/2014 New LEA Second Review of Applications Report
09/05/2014 Creative Solutions to Ending School Food Waste
09/01/2014 Sweet Potatoes Cut Random Frozen No Added Salt 5 lb Code 100353
08/29/2014 National School Lunch Program Direct Certification Improvement Study
08/29/2014 Regional Office Review of Applications ( RORA) for School Meals 2013
08/25/2014 USDA Announces $200 Million to Promote Innovation in SNAP Employment and Training Programs
08/21/2014 USDA Helps Schools Make Lunchrooms "Smarter" as Students Head Back to Class
08/15/2014 Second Extension of Grant Period for State Administrative Funds to Implement New Meal Pattern Requirements
08/12/2014 State Agency Fundraiser Elections and Exemptions
08/08/2014 2014 Edition of Eligibility Manual for School Meals
08/04/2014 Q&As on the Final Rule, “Nutrition Standards in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs"
08/01/2014 Salsa Low Sodium Pouch 106 oz Code 110186
08/01/2014 Beef Canned 100127
08/01/2014 Potatoes Frozen Wedges Fat Free No Added Salt 5lb Code 100356
08/01/2014 Tomato Sauce Low Sodium Canned No10 Code 100334
08/01/2014 Beef Patties Frozen 110350
08/01/2014 Sweet Potatoes Canned Cut Light Syrup Low Sodium No10 Code 100317
08/01/2014 Beef Fine Ground 100158
08/01/2014 Potatoes Frozen Wedges No Added Salt 5lb Code 100355
08/01/2014 Potatoes Frozen French Fry Crinkle Cut Oven No Added Salt 5lb Code 100357
08/01/2014 110177 - Spaghetti Sauce Pouch Meatless Low Sodium
08/01/2014 Beef Fine Ground LFTB Optional Frozen 110261
08/01/2014 Salsa Low Sodium Canned No10 Code 100330
08/01/2014 Updated Offer versus Serve Guidance for the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program in School Year 2014-2015
08/01/2014 100336 - Spaghetti Sauce, Meatless, Low Sodium, Canned, #10
08/01/2014 Tomato Sauce Low Sodium Pouch 102 oz Code 110187
08/01/2014 Beef Patties SPP Cooked Frozen 110321
07/31/2014 School Wellness Policy Cooperative Agreement
07/25/2014 Community Eligibility Provision: Guidance and Q&As (v2)