HealthierUS School Challenge Streamlined Application

Last Modified: 05/12/2014

Recognizing Excellence in Nutrition and Physical Activity

Streamlined Application

Alliance for a Healthier Generation's Healthy Schools Program

The Healthy Schools Program (HSP), an initiative of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and the HealthierUS School Challenge are working together to recognize schools.

USDA/FNS has initiated a streamlined application process for HSP National Recognition Awardees that have achieved recognition within a year of their HUSSC application date. This streamlined application process pertains to HUSSC's nutrition education, physical education, and physical activity criteria, and not to school meal, Average Daily Participation, local wellness policy, or competitive food and beverage criteria.

Under the streamlined application process, HSP awardees may submit a copy of their HSP National Recognition Award from the Alliance in lieu of completing nutrition education, physical education and physical activity sections of the HUSSC application. This streamlined application process is applicable at all HUSSC award levels and pertains to HSP awardees at any award level.

For information about HSP streamlined application process for HUSSC Awardees, visit the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Healthy School Program.