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Message from the HR Director

Last Published: 04/03/2014

A Message from FNCS Human Resources Director, Frank McDonough

Frank McDonoughLabels like transformation, change, and innovation signal difference. FNCS employees are accustomed to welcoming opportunities for making a difference in the lives of our customers and stakeholders. One means of accomplishing goals is by implementing external and internal programs thoughtfully and promptly, all the while keeping front and center the Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services (FNCS) mission—the reason we exist.

Employees plan, implement, evaluate and refine programs and activities throughout FNCS, while collaborating and cooperating with State, Tribal and affiliated organizations on efficient implementation. The Human Resources Division supports them.

Internal change is the order of the day. FNCS is moving forward on a variety of fronts in support of USDA’s Cultural Transformation, an initiative intended to create an even more diverse, inclusive, and high-performing organization. Leading the way toward broad inclusion and more extensive employee engagement, FNCS’ Cultural Transformation Steering Committee is relying on employees throughout the agency to convert a concept into a meaningful reality day-in and day-out. The manifestations of incremental success are everywhere, from the design and delivery of more and more intriguing special emphasis events across the Mission Area, through Regional programs promoting inclusion and supporting performance and recognition, to hallway greetings that seem to be particularly animated and welcoming.

Cultural Transformation is not only energizing and exciting, but it’s good business as well. Promoting wide and diverse participation creates opportunities for more, better and bigger ideas for improved organizational performance to emerge. Innovative solutions to challenges become more common. Inclusion enhances employee engagement that involvement can only benefit decision-making. Closing skills gaps, acquiring and developing talent, and tackling daily challenges are examples of the Human Resources Division (HRD) making a positive difference.

HRD does not function in a vacuum. It is responsible for ensuring that FNCS is functioning within the federal government’s Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework (HCAAF). This Framework requires that HRD and the agency regularly and systematically address:

  • Strategic Alignment, including Workforce and Succession Planning;
  • Recruitment and Retention;
  • Leadership and Knowledge Management;
  • Results-oriented Performance Management; and
  • Talent Management.

Employee Development supports this framework. Embracing diversity and increasing opportunities to improve performance—includes efforts to close competency gaps, provide individualized support through data driven results from 360 Degree assessments or other sources, expand coaching and mentoring, promote individualized training, track training accomplishments through AgLearn, and support the Leadership Institute, designated Learning Labs, and Supervisory Excellence Program initiatives. Programs are updated continuously based on feedback and needs assessments. As it is supporting career development for existing employees, FNCS is actively structuring its workforce of the future - one that is stronger and equipped with distinctive capabilities in its leadership ranks and across seven Mission Critical Occupations - to carry out its mission and remain faithful to its strategic goals.

Human Resources Division staff is proud to work with and support the FNCS immediate family of more than 1400 employees and our colleagues throughout USDA. We are also gratified to help lead, manage and master increasing workplace changes, through employee development, program design and delivery, consultation, option identification and advice, guidance and implementation support, and by helping to fulfill agency responsibilities to employees and the unions that represent them. The HRD team partners with the National Finance Center to provide the full suite of effective and efficient customer support services across the Agency.

Please let us know how we can improve that service.

Frank McDonough