Healthier School Day


Last Modified: 02/19/2014

The School Day Just Got Healthier for you because school meals are changing this year. They are better for you and will help you do your best in school, sports, and help you grow and stay strong. Power up with fruits, low-fat milk, and healthy breads.

Since you spend so much of your day at school, it’s up to you to make healthy food choices while you’re there. Eat fruits and vegetables at meals and snacks. And get use to the taste of healthy eating. Give it a try! Fruits and veggies give you energy to help you be a champion when you run and play. Eat them at school and at home every day as a meal, snack or dessert.

Use “The School Day Just Got Healthier Toolkit” as a valuable resource providing tools to help you learn and get involved with this exciting time in school meals!

Click here to download the Student Toolkit

Click here to visit The School Day Just Got Healthier Toolkit page, showing all toolkits, resources, and items available to download individually.