Healthier School Day

The School Day Just Got Healthier

Team up with Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes to expand opportunities for students across the country to eat a healthy school breakfast.

The Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards support better health for our kids and echo the good work already taking place in schools across the country.

Eating healthy will help them do their best in school, have energy to do well in sports, and grow and stay strong.

Eating fruits and veggies of every color in the rainbow can help give you the different vitamins and  minerals you need to soar through the day.

Based on their age, students are getting the right portions, and now they will be getting more of some foods like fruits and vegetables.

Soar through your day like a rocket ship!

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Last Modified: 01/28/2014

Students can expect benefits from healthier and more nutritious food in school.  Thanks to the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act, major improvements are being made across the country to transform school food and to promote better nutrition and reduce obesity. 


The School Day Just Got Healthier Toolkit is a collection of resources including brochures, fact sheets, FAQs, fliers, school lessons, templates and much more, to help prepare everyone for the changes to school meals this school year.

Everyone plays an important and unique role within the changes to the school food environment. Understand the changes and messages, access the tools, and take action in your schools through these pages created just for you.

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