Food Safety

Hold and Recall Procedures

Last Modified: 12/09/2013

This page provides food safety and product recall information to State Distributing Agencies participating in USDA's Food Distribution Programs.

  • USDA Commodity Hold and Recall Procedures The commodity hold and recall process is used when a food safety issue is raised about a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) purchased food. The process pertains exclusively to USDA-purchased foods delivered to approved entities (recipient agencies and processors).

  • Responding to a Food Recall This document provides an overview of the recall process for USDA Foods with a focus on school meals programs.

  • USDA/FNS Commodity Alert System This web-based public notification system will send email alerts about food safety issues with potentially significant public health impacts that affect USDA Foods.

  • Latest Recall Information This service from lists recalls of all foods within the U.S.

As a reminder, if you suspect that a USDA-distributed food may be contaminated or harmful in some way, please contact your Department of Public Health Or contact the FNS Food Safety Unit at: