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Faith-based and Community Initiatives

Faith-based and community-based organizations (FBOs and CBOs) have a long history of involvement in Federal nutrition assistance programs and a tradition of supporting low-income people by providing a wide range of social services. These organizations are important and long-standing partners in the Department of Agriculture’s efforts to provide nutrition assistance to those in need. 

Federal nutrition assistance programs operate primarily through partnerships with State agencies, which in turn partner with local organizations. Generally, FBOs/CBOs participate in these programs through agreements with States, or through other local agencies that have agreements with States, rather than directly with the Federal government.

Nutrition assistance program policy encourages the participation of FBOs/CBOs on an equal footing with other kinds of local cooperating organizations, and avoids barriers that would make their participation difficult. In addition, FNS has undertaken special initiatives that recognize the role of FBOs/CBOs in serving low-income people. 

FBOs/CBOs may apply to participate in Federal nutrition programs and provide benefits directly to individuals, or may serve as informational resources by referring these individuals to other organizations and agencies that participate in the programs. Opportunities exist for both individuals and FBOs/CBOs to participate in and promote the expansion of Federal nutrition programs through:

Through these nutrition assistance programs, FBOs/CBOs serve:

FBOs/CBOs may also refer low income individuals to other federal programs, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.



Last Modified: 02/10/2012

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