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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

FFVP Policy

Last Published: 05/28/2014
Datesort ascending Document # Title
10/19/2016 SP06-2017 FFVP: Funding Allocation Distribution
09/09/2016 SP55 CACFP26 SFSP18-2016 Meal Service During Unanticipated School and Day Care Closures
05/11/2016 SP36-2016 FFVP Allocation of Funds for School Year 2016-2017
11/09/2015 SP04 CACFP04 SFSP04-2016 Local Agency Procurement Reviews SY2015-2016
07/10/2015 SP40 CACFP18 SFSP 20-2015 2015 Edition of Eligibility Manual for School Meals
04/22/2015 SP34-2015 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program: Allocation of Funds for School Year 2015-2016
08/08/2014 SP58 CACFP14 SFSP20-2014 2014 Edition of Eligibility Manual for School Meals
06/30/2014 SP53-2014 Transition of Foods and Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value to Smart Snacks in School Standards
06/23/2014 SP52-2014 Deadline Extension: State Agency Requests for Participation in the FFVP Pilot for Canned, Frozen and Dried Fruits and Vegetables
04/24/2014 SP42 SFSP17 CACFP11-2014 Sharing Aggregate Data to Expand Program Access and Services in Child Nutrition Programs
04/23/2014 SP41-2014 Clarification of the Policy on Food Consumption Outside of Foodservice Area, and the Whole Grain-Rich Requirement
04/21/2014 SP38 CACFP10 SFSP15-2014 Area Eligibility Using Census Data
04/21/2014 SP39-2014 2014 Edition of Q&As for the National School Lunch Program’s Seamless Summer Option
04/18/2014 SP37-2014 Fiscal Year 2014 National School Lunch Program Equipment Assistance Grants for School Food Authorities
04/17/2014 SP35-2014 Grain Entrees Related to the Smart Snacks in School Standards