Federal Register Notices

Last Modified: 09/19/2013
Date Title File
09/15/2008 Comment Request—Information Collection for the School Breakfast Program (43.69 KB)
09/12/2008 Fluid Milk Substitutions in the School Nutrition Programs (65.93 KB)
08/25/2008 Comment Request—Information Collection for the Special Milk Program for Children (44.35 KB)
08/20/2008 Comment Request—Uniform Grant Application Package for Discretionary Grant Programs (48.35 KB)
08/08/2008 Management of Donated Foods in Child Nutrition Programs, the Nutrition Services Incentive Program, and Charitable Institutions (129.58 KB)
08/05/2008 School Food Safety Program Based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Principles (67.46 KB)
07/30/2008 FDPIR: Resource Limits and Exclusions, and Extended Certification Periods (62.3 KB)
07/30/2008 Comment Request—Report of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (52.67 KB)
07/07/2008 Food Distribution: Value of Donated Foods From July 1, 2008 Through June 30, 2009 (49.65 KB)
07/07/2008 CACFP: National Average Payment Rates, Day Care Home Food Service Payment Rates, and Administrative Reimbursement Rates for Sponsoring Organizations of Day Care Homes for the Period July 1, 2008 Through June 30, 2009 (50.85 KB)