Federal Register Notices

Last Modified: 09/19/2013
Date Title File
12/14/2009 TEFAP: Availability of Foods for Fiscal Year 2010 (46.61 KB)
11/30/2009 Comment Request—SNAP State Issuance and Participation Estimates— Form FNS–388 (50.33 KB)
11/18/2009 Comment Request—Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) (49.67 KB)
11/04/2009 Comment Request—Performance Reporting System, Management Evaluation (47.55 KB)
10/29/2009 Comment Request—Generic Clearance To Conduct Formative Research (46.37 KB)
10/14/2009 Comment Request—SNAP Education and Administrative Reporting System (EARS) (41.17 KB)
10/08/2009 WIC: Vendor Cost Containment (102.59 KB)
09/25/2009 WIC: Revisions in the WIC Food Packages (50.21 KB)
09/24/2009 Comment Request—Forms FNS–806– A, Claim for Reimbursement (National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs), and FNS–806–B, Claim for Reimbursement (Special Milk Program for Children) (45.77 KB)
09/24/2009 Comment Request—Performance Standards and Reporting for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Modernization Initiatives (45.25 KB)